Dear friends,

We are sold out this Shabbos but you should try the hotel directly: 973-334-1440

When coming Friday do not come through Manhattan. People have had 4 hour drives. Take the Verrazano Bridge, even from Williamsburgh.

Rosh Chodesh Elul is here!!! If you forgot to pay for the Shul or warmer, it's time to make the arrangements. Please call me.

We have a few items that were found:

Girls Shoe in room #337.
Earring at the pool.
Bracelet at the pool.

2 more Shabbosim left....
This Shabbos פרשת ראה, August 10th and פרשת שפטים, August 17th iy"h.

Embassy Suites, Parsippany, NJ

To reserve for any Shabbos, please send an email to or text 917-468-1135 with first and last name/s on the room/s.
Please make sure you receive a return email or text with the word "confirmed".

The following are the details:

  • Bring your own food. No food allowed in ballrooms unless reserved, arranged and prepaid.
  • No crock-pots or hotplates are allowed in the room and they are strict about it.
  • We will have warmers in one of the ballrooms that will be available for everyone but ONLY WITH PRIOR RESERVATIONS as there is very limited room.
  • ONLY 5 x 7 x 2-1/2" high pans, as pictured below, will be allowed and a maximum of 4 pans per family.
  • No other food will be allowed in the warmer. Sorry!
  • $25 will be collected from everyone using the warmer in addition to a $25 mandatory charge for the Shul.
  • The $25 Shul money is an obligation. Not paying it is considered absolute גניבה!
  • Only 30 rooms will be available each Shabbos at the group rate of $149 per night which will total $341.78 for Shabbos including taxes. (Friday 3:00pm check-in to Sunday 12 noon check-out)
  • Once your reservation was confirmed with me, upon arrival just walk up to check-in counter.
  • Even if you did not book with the group rate, the $25 Shul charge is required.
  • Pool will be open Motze Shabbos after midnight, 30 minutes for Women and then 30 minutes for Men.
  • ***HOTEL POLICY*** Hotel will make every guest sign a paper upon arrival that will authorize a $250 excess cleaning fee if room is not left in a reasonable matter.
Just a reminder. Only this size pan will be accepted in the warmers, anything else will not fit on shelves!!!

5"wide x 7"long x 2-1/2"high

I can not accept phone calls about reservations. For any questions please send me an email to: or you can text me at: 917-468-1135
You will get answered as soon as possible but probably not till end of day.

We wish you a great Summer!


  • What's your cancellation policy? We are committed to the rooms we reserved, therefore we can only accept cancellations till Tuesday. If you must cancel later in the week please realize that if we get stuck paying for the room it will be your responsibility.
  • Can I book with points? Yes but you are not guaranteed a room with 2 beds or on a low floor.
  • Will I get Hilton Honor points booking with you? Yes. Just hand in your HHonor number at check-in.
  • Can I book with points anyway and pay for Shul and rent shelf in warmer? Yes of course. Please reserve warmer shelf with us so we can accomodate.
  • What can my kids do there for Shabbos? We recommend bringing along some games. The kids enjoy sitting outside the room and playing.
  • Can I reserve for one night only? No. The minimum stay is 2 nights.
  • Is there hot water available? Yes. There is coffee and hot water in the Shul available to all.

Enjoy your Shabbos!