Dear friends,

If you owe the $25 for the Shul, נדרים or warmer, please contact me at: 917-468-1135

שבת פרשת בלק
July 19th - 21st
(Group code MW4)

In order to speed up the process we ב"ה worked out an easier way to reserve.

Please call the Hotel directly at:
973-334-1440 ext. 2113 and speak to Danielle

Please make all your rooming requests with her.

I have gotten many requests for
שבת חזון
with Sunday Tisha B'Av
I want to make sure we have enough people to make it happen.

If you will join us please text me "Chazon" at: 917-468-1135

After reserving your room with the Hotel
Please do not forget to reserve a shelf in the warmer by texting:

Here are the details:

  • A schedule of זמנים and other IMPORTANT INFORMATION will be available at the front desk upon arrival. Please read ALL information.
  • Bring your own food. No food allowed in ballrooms unless reserved, arranged and prepaid.
  • No crock-pots or hotplates are allowed in the room.
  • We will have a limited amount of Kiddush warmers in one of the ballrooms that will be available WITH PRIOR RESERVATIONS ONLY. To reserve a shelf in warmer send a text "Shelf in warmer" along with name to 917-468-1135. Please make sure you receive a return email or text with the word "confirmed". (confirmations for warmer shelf will only be sent in the evening)
  • ONLY 5 x 7 x 2-1/2" high pans, as pictured below, will be allowed and a maximum of 4 pans per family.
  • There will be a $25 charge for using the warmer in addition to a $25 charge for the Shul.
  • No other food will be allowed in the warmer. Sorry!
  • The $25 Shul money is an obligation. Not paying it is considered absolute גניבה!
  • Rooms will be available at the group rate of $149 per night which will total $342.70 for Shabbos (2 nights) including taxes. (Friday 3:00pm check-in to Sunday 12 noon check-out)
  • Once your reservation is confirmed, upon arrival just walk up to check-in counter.
  • Even if you did not book with the group rate, the $25 Shul charge is required.
  • Pool will be open Motze Shabbos after midnight, 30 minutes for Women and then 30 minutes for Men.
  • ***HOTEL POLICY*** Hotel will make every guest sign a paper upon arrival that will authorize a $250 excess cleaning fee if room is not left in a reasonable matter.
Just a reminder. Only this size pan will be accepted in the warmers, anything else will not fit on shelves!!!

5"wide x 7"long x 2-1/2"high

I can not accept phone calls about reservations. For reservations or any questions please call Hotel directly at: 973-334-1440 ext. 2113 ask for Danielle
For important information that Hotel can't answer please send me an email to: or you can text me at: 917-468-1135
You will get answered as soon as possible but probably not till evening.

We wish you a great Summer!


  • Can I book directly, pay for Shul and rent shelf in warmer? Yes of course. Please don't forget to reserve shelf in warmer separately. We do appreciate if you book with group code as it gives our group a status.
  • What can my kids do there for Shabbos? We recommend bringing along games. The kids enjoy sitting outside the room and playing. Hotel on occasion has games to lend.
  • Can I reserve for one night only? No. The minimum stay is 2 nights.
  • Is there hot water available? Yes. There is hot water, coffee and tea in the Shul room available to all.

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Shabbos Package $129.99

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